This site has taken on several directions in the short while. First set up in 2010, I left it blank for almost 4 years. Then recently I had a desire to add some of my creative works to a site including genealogy and crafts. I wanted somewhere to showcase it all. The whole site soon quickly took a turn, when I started writing about sailing.  It was like I couldn’t shut down the flow of words. Up until after 3am, night after night, the writings took on a life of their own. I was quickly researching products, pulling up videos, looking through photos, pinning things to Pinterest and integrating it all into this site.  For what began as a somewhat shy venture, all of a sudden I was writing about how many pairs of underwear to bring on a boat! Certainly, a complete 360! Yes, here you will still find info on the latest stuff I created in the craft world, but the meat and potatoes of the site, is strongly about sailing or just being on a boat!  I am inspired by those I know and those I have not yet met who are sailing to areas, I have only read about. But the whole process is relative and I am quite happy to be sailing around the Nova Scotia coastline with Michael, Whiskey  Yuki, Layton (who by 2020 at the age of 11 was getting too big to sleep in the cabin), and now his younger sister, Rowan, who loves sailing more than her older brother ever did, meeting up with old friends and new friends along the way. (NB. Early in 2018, 13-1/2 yr old Whiskey and 8-1/2 yr old Nacho passed away and in between both of them passing, 8 week old Yuki, joined our sailing family). Although the scenery somewhat repeats itself, each trip is entirely different and we just go with the flow. I invite you to have a look at the site. It is designed for those who are just starting out with similar interests which you can refer to it as an introductory lesson on the topic. If you have anything to add to the postings or just want to say hi, I would love to hear from you!

We often refer to technology as an odd thing. Sometimes you feel it has a mind of its own.  You spend hours upon hours setting something up and someone in Development makes a change out of your control. My site had turn for the worse. At one point I had dozens and dozens of pages, with drop down menus from the main menu bar. But the functionality of it all just vanished one day. It might come back. Sometimes old technology resurfaces.  But just in case there is no turning back, I decided to make a major change in the site. It certainly is more tablet friendly.

What has replaced the good old coffee table book? Our prized possession TOCnicely displayed for anyone to pick up and browse, reading here and there, gathering tidbits of information. No longer having a welcome spot in our social life, these pages of print and large sized pictures are now, if lucky, found on bookshelves. Tablets and smartphones have taken their place. What instrument of navigation does a good book have?  The Table of Contents. Therefore, my website will become my favourite coffee table book. Each menu item is a chapter with a link to its own table of contents. Once on a table of contents, you can select topics and just have fun browsing around. Each Table of Contents image links back to the page.