“Death Loves a Messy Desk”

Library Card Catalog Repurposed into a Tool Chest
Library Card Catalog Repurposed into a Tool Chest

Someone once left a book on my desk by Mary Jane Maffini (former librarian) titled “Death Loves a Messy Desk.”  At that time I worked in a library and I always had an organized chaos on my desk.  No one could find anything but me.  About 18 months after I left the library, I dove into the novel.  It is a great murder mystery and I fell in love with the lead character, Charlotte Adams.  Actually,  I could relate to her a bit too much.  One thing that I discovered over the years, is that a busy person, no matter how organized, does not have the time to do everything. That is why positions in industries were created for secretaries, and admin assistants!  I always seemed to be someone else’s assistant as well as looking after a family home, managing to raise two children, volunteering for everything,plus trying to keep up with an active social life.  Something had to give!  What have I discovered over the years? I do have superior organizational skills! I can certainly organize a library.  I just rarely have time to use these skills on personal projects.  Lately, I have more time on my hands. I actually, have read two more books on Charlotte Adam’s adventures.  The children are out of the home, grandson has several sleep overs each week. I have turned into chief child care attendant but craving for more!

Another issue that I have is that I have qualities of a pack rat. It is definitely a generic family trait, and dates back to having a simplistic life as a child, with a mother who was a Martha Stewart type long before she made her millions (Martha, not my mom).  If there was anything that could be made use of from any part that was left over from a broken or worn item, my mom could find a use for it, or just save it for a rainy day. My favourite items that she created were little foot stools made out of juice cans, with a piece of plywood nailed or screwed to the top, foam covering the wood and a nicely printed fabric used as upholstery, that was probably from her own mother’s left-over fabric stash! Of course she painted the cans a matching or contrasting colour to the fabric.  Grandmother had the same traits. Because of these inherited genes, I tend to want to keep everything.  I remember years ago, once almost having an anxiety attack at someone’s baby shower, where I witnessed her throwing in the garbage the beautiful bows and ribbons from her gifts!  I think when she wasn’t looking, I managed to sneak a few into my purse. Thankfully, throwing things out no longer gives me anxiety attacks, but I often second guess my decision when considering something as trash.

I plan to use this page to write about my life learned experiences with organizing clutter! Check out my collection of ideas on Pinterest on the topics of organizationhousehold hints and gifting.

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