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Purity Cook Book
Purity Cook Book

I collect recipes more than I actually cook.  I love cookbooks. About 20 years ago I did a cookbook purge.  I had so many and now very rarely add one to my bookshelf, which is still a significant size.  My favourite cookbooks are those published for fundraisers.  They sometimes have mistakes but recipes are submitted by people who deem them their favourite. I feel privileged to have access to these recipes.  I also have a soft sided binder, filled with recipes which I typed out, divided into sections and inserted in plastic protectors.  This binder has been pulled off the shelf many times over the past 20+ years.  Each of the recipes I obtained from friends and relatives.  I have cookbooks from the ’40s and ’50s and even one with a date of 1916 handwritten inside the cover. I have cookbooks from well known publishers including, Time-Life, Betty Crocker, Good Housekeeping and Better Homes and Gardens. I have two pamphlet boxes filled with cooking magazines.  I have snippets of recipes cut from magazines and newspapers.  I have almost a hundred years of recipes!  But my favourite cookbook is a very small, hard covered book which someone told me just after I got married the first time that it was a must to own! They were right. I bought my copy of “Purity Cook Book: The complete guide to Canadian cooking” from a local grocery store. The book isn’t dated but I think I purchased it around 1978. It is listed on Amazon as 1977 for $27.50 Cdn. I doubt I paid more than $9.99 or possibly even less for it. I pull it out regularly, the spine is torn and pages are splattered in batter. It contains my staple recipe for pancakes and most of all my baking needs.

Recipes for almost anything are available on the internet now. I put my favourite ones (generally copied from the binder and added a few more) on Facebook. I feel it is about time that I now copy those to this website. A complete index of all the recipes on this site can be found on the Recipe Category. Some, I have taken ownership of generally, because I don’t make the item any other way and can no longer remember the original source but many I have had an original recipe and adapted in someway.

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