A Hat and Scarf for Me!

DSC02173With my new bulky yarn and larger needles, I was ready to go out an start knitting something for myself.  I figured I would give Chantal’s winter closet a break for a bit.

To make the scarf, I used a large ball of yarn and a pattern off the label of a smaller ball of the same size yarn.  I still didn’t have the right size needles for the job, and selected  to use one larger and one smaller  to knit the scarf.  I remembered years ago knitting a cardigan in this fashion to give a lacy effect.  The project was fun and quick to knit with an nice block pattern to follow. I like to count when knitting. There was also a version of the pattern in crochet.  I haven’t found the pattern yet online but will link, when I do, otherwise, I can copy it  later. After knitting the scarf, I knit a new hat to match.  The result was beautiful, and I get compliments on the set, each time I wear it.  Warm too!

DSC02138 DSC02139


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