Yes a sailboat!

Several years ago, I started a sailing blog when we purchased Rainbow, but I felt immense pressure on what to add and what not to add. I really didn’t think people wanted a daily diary of what I did each day on our boat.  Since we never made it to any place that I would consider adventurous, I considered myself a safe weekend sailor. There are millions of us around. We are the people on treadmills while others are running marathons. I felt I really didn’t have much more to offer or found out soon, nor the time to write a detailed blog. By the time the summer hit, and we actually made it to the water with limited internet connections, I thought I would first write something on my notebook and later copy it into the blog. It took on the form of details on how to set up your new to you boat from scratch. Where to find stuff, and what to add. The summer was busy and that draft never made it to a final copy to add to the blog. It must still be on the notebook somewhere.  But the original blog is still in its place at

Since this site is not entirely related to sailing, I can’t imagine it ever turning into a daily list of wind directions and tides but will rather be a collection of insightful tidbits on problems, solutions and ideas to make a boat experience as pleasant as possible. I have been gathering useful tidbits of information that I think would work on a boat or may have already tested it and have pinned these on Pinterest.  Please feel free to check this out. Pinning is a lot easier than writing, so items will undoubtedly make it there first! The Sailboat Category has a complete list of all the topics you will find on boating and our boats!

Since I wrote this, I have found other websites which have a lot of useful information and sometimes things will overlap between us all!  Think of me as the basic first steps before going onto big and better things!  The list of sailing blogs I am collected can be found on my “Boaters and Blogging” page.


Anchored in Mahone Harbour, August 2013


At our mooring at Shining Waters Marine, Tantallon, NS in St. Margaret’s Bay.

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