WIFI and Internet

WIFI Setup
WIFI Setup

The summer of 2013, we ventured further to find a solution to bad internet connections. Even our own marina doesn’t give us a strong WIFI connection  that reaches our mooring. The previous years, I used a turbo stick on my laptop, sharing the data time with my phone. This works fine for websites, emails etc, but when you start streaming data like movies on Netflix, I reached my monthly maximum in one evening!  We looked continually at local options, at every possible electronic and home entertainment store we could find.  We finally had to go as far as California to get something suitable.  We purchased a  high-gain 8dBi 2.4GHz Outdoor WIFI antenna, for $24.95US, along with heavy duty coaxial cable, connectors and a toggle unit which fits into my USB port on the note book.  The total spent was around $100 and ordered from C. Crane Ltd.  It was an amazing upgrade. We easily picked up internet feeds up to 3 miles away.  The only issue was that most internet connections are locked or unreliable. But when staying at marinas and near friends’ properties, we are collecting enough passwords to make our overnight or rainy day stays a way to catch up on movies and TV shows!  Now, if I can figure out how to project that internet feed to make my own WIFI for sharing with the iPad and phone would be wonderful. C. Crane Ltd supplies a detailed description on how to hook up the WIFI antenna and which pieces to purchase to make it work with a lap top.


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