ST2000AutopilotThe first summer, we purchased a Tiller Tamer.  For $29.95, it gave us adequate relief, but you still had to sit there.  That second year we also added a Raymarine ST2000 Tiller auto pilot. Its purpose was to relieve us from the long hours of driving the boat.  Worked well, when it worked.  It is nice that it has a two year warranty, as long before we get to test it again, it needed more additional work.  If I am correct, the main board had to be replaced.  For the past two summers, it was unpredictable and couldn’t be trusted to leave unattended for long.  Not sure if the fix they did has any kind of warranty, but I have a good feeling about it this time! The third year it worked like a charm. Obviously, it had problems right out of the box, but now is our third crew member!


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