Layton fighting the breeze
Layton fighting the breeze

PortVisors:  In 2014, I discovered these extremely useful (no boat should be without) item from The Boat Galley’s site.  Seaworthy Goods is owned by a couple in Florida.  A wonderful and personal company to deal with, I feel honoured to have made their acquaintance through their magnificent product. A bit on the expensive side for Canadians, PortVisors are well worth their price.  We intended to install them while the boat was still on the hard, but we did a last minute launch change date, so we did it at the mooring instead. Installing them at mooring, made it a bit more tricky. What makes them so wonderful?  Well, if you have any slight leakage problem, with their installation, it becomes non-existent. Pelting down rain no longer comes in your windows. There is a minimal amount of rain sometimes, if the window is fully open. But most times I can now keep the windows open all the time in a storm. The boat seems to overall be less damp. They also give a cuteness to the boat. Rainbow now has sexy half closed eyelids!

Rainbow sporting her new PortVisors
Rainbow sporting her new PortVisors

Product Warning: When installing them, be careful. Measure first for placement. Pencil in your placement spot and then stick them to the surface. If you mess it up, remove the tape immediately from the boat and visors. You can then email Seaworthy Goods and purchase additional tape from them. They do recommend that the Admirals do the placements rather than the Captains!




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