Baby Verona with her dad, Vernon. Picture taken in East Lawrencetown, NS
Baby Verona with her dad, Vernon. Picture taken in East Lawrencetown, NS

I was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada, at what later was referred to as the old Grace Maternity Hospital.  It was ran by the Salvation Army.  Both my children were also born there over 30 years later.  At the time of my birth, ferry service was the only option for crossing the harbour.  The Angus L. Macdonald bridge was still over a year away from completion.   Mom who was to turn 20 in six months, stayed with her Aunt Lu in Halifax, when my arrival time was getting closer to term.

I spent the first 3 years of my life along with my parents and and a year later my brother living in the home of my father’s birth, overlooking Lawrencetown Beach, in East Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia.

Michael, Verona with Rainbow in back.
Michael, Verona with Rainbow in back.

Dad later moved the family to Three Fathom Harbour, near where my mother grew up (although she was born on Devil’s Island at the mouth of Halifax Harbour and lived there until the age of 10).  Three and then five years after the move, my sisters were born.  The main community of Three Fathom Harbour was separated by the harbour and mud flats at low tide, from the actual fishing village, which consisted of a collection of wharves, “fish stores” (storage facilities for fishing equipment) and small “camps” where the local Acadian fishermen lived during the fishing season.  Today the area is filled not only with camps, but also year around homes. My play ground was the Atlantic Ocean shore line, breakwaters and beaches, where I would routinely gather periwinkles, star fish and try my hand at fishing off the government wharf.  After high school, I moved to Halifax, worked for awhile, moved to Dartmouth, married my high school sweetheart, attended university, started a job at the hospital, moved to Halifax, divorced, moved to Lr. Sackville, remarried, had two children, moved to Fletchers Lake (where I still live today).  I attended university part time and obtained a degree while working full time with two small children at home, divorced again, retired from the hospital and now engaged to be married once again.

Although busy as a Registrar for Scotia Soccer Club, I am actively looking for a new part time career. I find peace and tranquility on our 25′ sailboat, where Michael and I sail along the south shore of Nova Scotia during the summer months.

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