Sailboat: Table of Contents |

YES A SAILBOAT:  Table of Contents
Vancouver 25 “Rainbow”

Other Vancouver 25s

Roué 87 “The Red Hackle”
Skipper & Crew
··Chief Steward and the Admiral
Preparing for Launch
··Boat Yard Etiquette
Outfitting the Galley
··What & Where to Eat
··Shopping by Dinghy
What We Added
··Sun & Rain Protection
··Electric Cooler
··Weather Station
··Portable Water Heater
··Portable Laundry
··Winch Handles
··Guest Book
Added Changed & What Works Best
··Emergency Items
··Power & Water
··Head & Toiletries
··Bed Time
··Cleaning & Storage
··Stop, Stay & Board
··Wood Refinishing
··Mid-Season Maintenance
··Screens & Curtains
··Boat Garden
··WIFI & Internet
··Navigation Systems on a Budget
Boat Recipes
··Apple Pie
··Boat Pizza
··Banana Bread
··Chicken Pot Pie
··Pancakes (optional Blueberry)
··Tea Biscuits & Raisin Scones
··Other Boat Recipes
A Fashion Statement
Adding a Child
Adding a Dog
Haul Out
Boaters & Blogging

3 thoughts on “Sailboat: Table of Contents |”

  1. Hi Leslie,
    I wanted to give you additional info on our boat hull 24…
    1. No previous names, Paper Tiger was original name
    2. Current marina: Port Royal Marina in Redondo Beach, CA
    3. Correct spelling for last name is McEwen
    4. Hull # is CYI250180384
    5. Original survey of boat when new lists year built as 1984, originally surveyed June 20, 1984; owner of vessel as Overseas Yachts, Inc in Marina Del Rey, CA; builder as Tiawan Overseas Industries at Taiwan, R. O. C. ; engine: Yanmar 1GM;
    The hull number lists it as a 1986. The Registration lists the boat as a 1986 year model.
    We purchased the boat 2/26/2016.

    I hope this helps with your listing.
    I thank you for putting this group together!
    Ed & Barbara McEwen
    S/v Paper Tiger

    1. Hi Barbara. I made most of the corrections you provided, although after you supplied the hull number (which was different information than what the broker sent me) has proved some conflicting results. It even changes your production number from 24 to 18. I ran the HIN through and your new results show on the following page: Too bad each boat didn’t come with a detailed history, we would produce a novel! Paper Tiger’s closest sister boat, is Almitra #17, which is in the Philippines and has been completely restored to a show piece! Thanks for supplying the additional info and as well your helpful assistance on the Vancouver 25’s Facebook page! — Verona

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