Winch Handles

The cockpit
The cockpit

The boat game with none of those little things, such a winch handles. We were sure that along her travels across Canada by truck that a box of “stuff” just went missing.  One such item we needed to replace was a winch handle. First we bought a floating winch handle, which fell apart the first time I used it. Thankfully, we weren’t at sea. We took it back and when they couldn’t give us a replacement, went to a different store, the “Yacht Shop” where we purchased two winch handles for $23.95 each, that won’t float but have lasted us since we bought them in 2011. Someone wise at this store asked us one important question that made our decision on whether we should buy another floating wench handle. If you lost it over board, would you really be able to get it, even if you could see where it was? We thought for a moment and realized he had a point. So for the same price of one floating winch handle we bought two that will most definitely sink.  Because of that bit of interesting thought provoking advice, we visit the folks at the Yacht Shop as our first choice. when purchasing boating supplies. Their customer service is wonderful!


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